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Our financial professionals assist you in planning your financial future through holistic, current and long-range financial advice. We are able to offer strategies designed to build wealth, protect assets and limit your liabilities. Whether you're planning for college, retirement, or need guidance on estate planning, think of us as your trusted advisor to serve all your financial needs from strategy development to implementation.

Retirement Planning & Income Distribution – The Bucket Plan Philosophy

Retirement cash flow can result in significantly different tax results depending on the source of your retirement income.   Taking money from the wrong accounts in retirement, especially early in retirement can have a serious negative long-term impact on your retirement lifestyle.  Developing a long-term income distribution plan, along with coordinating your tax brackets and Social Security claiming strategies, we can add significant additional retirement income now and in the future. Let us show you how.

What is The Bucket Plan® Philosophy?

A strategic, structured approach to bucketing assets for today's financial challenges.

The old way of investing for retirement was to keep a little pile of money at the bank and the rest of your money in a bigger pile of money in investments and hope that it would last a lifetime.

However, today market risk, interest rate risk and sequence of returns risk are the three biggest challenges facing investors at or near retirement, and a more sophisticated planning philosophy is essential to stretch retirement dollars to cover their many needs throughout the duration of retirement. For this purpose, we have developed The Bucket Plan®  philosophy to segment money into three different buckets based on your investment time horizon, risk tolerance and income needs.

The Money Cycle

The Money Cycle is something that we all go through during our lifetime, and there are three phases: accumulation, preservation, and distribution. Watch this video to learn more.

The Bucket Plan®

We have developed The Bucket Plan® philosophy to segment money based on your investment time horizon, risk tolerance, and income needs. Watch this video to learn more.



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